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Paul Ghica

Technique-based Cello Lessons

Styles: Classical, Improvisation

Skill Level: All

Pricing: $80/hour, $40/half-hour

AMEB Technical Prep
Scholarship Audition & Competition Prep
Orchestral Excerpt Coaching
Improvisation Coaching
Beginners welcome

Playing an instrument requires balance. Focus too much on repertoire, and the basics suffer, limiting the repertoire one is able to play. Focus too much on technique, and boredom sets in, compromising motivation to practice. The best learning curve toes this fine line between the two, which may be different for every student.

My style of teaching is along these lines. Repertoire is recommended based on technical strengths and weaknesses; choosing it wisely will encourage motivation and love for the cello. And yet, proper technique is paramount, and too often neglected. A few minutes per day devoted to improving technique saves many hours of frustration years down the line.

In fact, most institutions value good technique above playing “level.” This is perhaps why, since starting my studio in Sydney in 2017, a handful of my students have already gone on to be accepted into Sydney Conservatorium’s Rising Stars program.

Of course, some people just want to learn cello in order to have a bit of enjoyment at home, and not everyone wants to play in a concerto competition. While these students may want a more relaxed approach to learning, the concepts are unchanged. The more beautiful the tone and pure the intonation, the higher chance an aspiring professional has of winning a scholarship, just as the higher chance an amateur has of enjoying the fruits of their labour!

Criteria for prospective students… next to nothing! No musical experience is necessary, just a desire to play this wonderful instrument. All ages welcome: my youngest student is 7 and my oldest is in her 70s. Once a commitment has been made, however, I do encourage daily practice, anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your goals.

Cammeray, NSW

Miller Street
Tel 0401 421 337
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