Rebecca Reyna

  • Masters in Music Therapy
  • Bachelor in Creative Arts with a Music Major
  • Registered Music Therapist

Registered Music Therapist and highly experienced singing and piano teacher, Rebecca Reyna offers music therapy sessions, singing lessons, piano lessons and singing for wellbeing Sessions. Rebecca has completed a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Music.

‘Singing for Wellbeing Sessions’ are similar to a singing lesson, but they also emphasize and focus on the therapeutic aspects and benefits of singing. Some of these include, the “body-self” connection awareness which singing encourages, the calming and centering feelings produced through the deep breathing required for singing, the empowering nature of singing, emotional release singing allows for, and validation through singing of songs whose lyrics resonate with the singers’ experience and feelings (Austin, 2010).

Contact Rebecca: 0417756464

Music Therapy Sessions are also available. Contact Rebecca (Registered Music Therapist) on 0417756464 for more information/ bookings, or see the Music Therapy webpage:

Piano lessons are also available from Rebecca Reyna, who has a Bachelor and a Masters Degree in Music. Piano lessons consist of learning to play scales, chords and songs, as well as learning piano theory.

Singing lessons consist of the training of vocal technique, and the application of vocal technique into the student's selected songs to sing, as well as the training in the performance of these songs if the student would like. Lessons cost $35 for 30 minutes and $65 for an hour.

A.B.N: 98950457101

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