Singing for Wellbeing

Styles All
Skill Level No musical or singing experience is necessary
Pricing $70 per session

‘Singing for Wellbeing Sessions’ are available for all people of all ages. Sessions are conducted by, Singing Teacher/ Vocal Coach and Registered Music Therapist, Rebecca Reyna (Registration Number: 748). Rebecca has a Bachelor in Music Vocal Performance Degree, and a Masters in Music Therapy Degree.

Singing for Wellbeing Sessions:

‘Singing for Wellbeing Sessions’ are similar to a singing lesson, but they also emphasize and focus on the therapeutic aspects and benefits of singing. Some of these include, the “body-self” connection awareness which singing encourages, the calming and centering feelings produced through the deep breathing required for singing, the empowering nature of singing, emotional release singing allows for, and validation through singing of songs whose lyrics resonate with the singers’ experience and feelings (Austin, 2010).

Benefits of Singing for Wellbeing Sessions

Vocal Technique Benefits:
Improved breath control, tone, pitch, intonation, articulation, dynamics, vocal projection, voice placement, use of soft palette, and voice control.

Therapeutic Benefits:
-Increased self-confidence, self-awareness, self-understanding, body-awareness, and communication
-Reduced stress and anxiety
-Promotes relaxation and feelings of peacefulness
-Improvement of mood state
-Provides a space for self-expression, emotional expression, and release of painful feelings
-Empowerment and validation
-Provides coping strategies and helps to work through issues and feelings the client is experiencing

Who would Benefit from Singing for Wellbeing sessions:
Anyone who would like to improve their voice quality, control and vocal technique would benefit from these sessions. Also, people of all ages who may be experiencing stress, worry, low mood states, trauma, grief, loss, or difficulties in coping with life, amongst other issues and conditions, would benefit from these sessions.

Depending on the Needs of the Client, other Musical Methods used in Sessions may include:
Music and relaxation, music and guided meditation, Guided Imagery through Music (GIM), songwriting, verbal therapy, resource-oriented music therapy, song listening and lyric discussion, playing known songs on musical instruments, music and drawing, song parody, and improvisation on instruments.

‘Singing for Wellbeing Sessions’ are conducted by Rebecca Reyna: Singing Teacher and Registered Music Therapist. What is Music Therapy?
Music therapy is an allied health profession. It is the planned and creative use of music to attain, maintain and progress the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of people of all ages. For more information, visit the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA) website.

Session Details:

Where: In a private room at Sylvania
Session Type: Individual sessions
Session Times: Individual sessions can be booked during the day or after school/ work hours. Session times will stay the same each week.
(If under 18 years of age) Parent/ carer involvement: Parents/ carers will be informed of their child’s progression within sessions if they wish. However, if the client is 18 years of age or older, they are able to decide as to whether they would like their parents involved in understanding their progress within sessions.
Cost: $70.00 per session. Clients will be invoiced at commencement of the first session. Fees are required to be paid within one week of receipt of invoice.
Private Health insurance: Some of the private health insurance companies cover music therapy services.

To Book or for more Information
Contact Singing Teacher and Registered Music Therapist, Rebecca Reyna
Contact Number: 0417756464
A.B.N: 98950457101
Music Therapy Registration Number: 748

Austin, D. (2010). When the bough breaks: Vocal psychotherapy and traumatized adolescents. In Kristen Stewart (Ed.) Music therapy and trauma: Bridging theory and clinical practice. New York: Satchnote Press.

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Details last updated: August 2, 2018