Reza Houshvar

  • Hosein Alizadeh master classes; Dariush Talaii Master classes; Keikhosro pournazeri; Sohrab pournazeri; Mohamad Zolnouri

Reza Houshvar

Reza Houshvar: Setar player, Tanbur(Persian.Kurdish) Player and Improviser
Academic background: B.Sc. in Metallurgical Eng. (Sharif Technical University)
, Executive MBA
Reza Houshvar has started playing Setar when he was 9 years, with Maestro " Behnam Vadani in 1982. Then Maestro "Masoud shoari" was the one who taught him more than the basics.
He has the honor to be coached, trained and mentored by the well-known master " Hosein Alizadeh" for around 6-7 years, when his main “Setar playing style” was shaped.
He was then selected as a member of Hossein Alizadeh’s band, where Mohesn Keramati and Afsaneh Rasaii were the singers and fabulous Setar players, such as Ali Boustan, Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi and Mahyar Moshfeq were the other Setar players in band.
Maestro " Dariuosh Talaii" was the other precious gem he encountered in Setar world. He tried to investigate other “Setar playing Styles” and follow “ Traditional Iranian Radif” in a professional way, theoretically and practically for about another 5-6 years.
As for Tanbour, Reza started learning Tanbour from Maestro Keikhosro Pournazeri for about one year, then followed it by Maestro Sohrab Pournazeri for untimate techniques and finally learned Tanbour Maqams by Maestro Mohammad Zolnouri, who is one of the most well-known Kurdish Tanbour players in Iran.
With thank to all his masters in his artistic path, he has started teaching Setar to a wide range of ages since 1990 so far, followed by Online teaching since 2012 to a couple of distant students.

  • 8 univbersity concerts ( 3 concerts Setar solo) at universities. 1991-2004
  • Many performances in different khanqahs(some joined by Maestro Amrollah Shah Ebrahimi). 1991- 2012
  • Solo Concert in Niavaran cultural ctr. (Maestro Osman Mohammad Parast) Tehran. 2001
  • Mehrvarzan band . Toronto SHUT Reunion. 2002
  • Many other solo and band concerts in Iran and Canada
Sydney, ACT
Travelling in the local area


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