Setar lessons - Persian Setar

Styles Classical Persian
Skill Level Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced
Suitability Ages 5 to 80 years
Pricing $60/hour

*** I am a Persian music teacher. In Persian music, I try to induce our Persian culture, which music is a part of it. So, I try maximum friendship toward students and do my best to understand them and make an emotional bridge toward them in order to reach the maximum efficiency. However in order to do so, we need a neat and clear plan as below:

  • I love music and Persian music is one of the highest levels of purity and ethics. I need your full attention and your patience in order to achieve the best targets.

  • The first session is 30 minutes free. I will try to understand your "by-heart desire", why you are looking for music and possibly guide you if it does not suit you. Then I try to understand your musical knowledge level and inform you what you need to start, from hardware to software.

  • You have the choice to choose 1 hour or 1/2 hour/week

  • Absences informed min. 48 hours prior to date of class is accepted, ONLY maximum one week/month.

  • Classes would be arranged based on students' time zone and will be announced in our time-table based on teacher's geographical zone.( I have many students and this is the best choice)

  • The first two sessions would be a mixture of theoretical knowledge of music and how to play Setar or Tanbour. So, I need your patience please.

  • Online Individual classes in 5 different levels:
    Elementary, Intermediate, Duet and Group playing, Intro. to Traditional Iranian Radif, Improvisation

In each level, I always have a mixture of following different teaching books,plus real improvisations. So, I do not follow only one book to the end. I teach you based on my feeling, how you need it to be.
Improvisations and ask you to keep them in mind, in order to improve your ears and tune them with Persian music will always be a must in my classes.

Thanks in advance
Reza Houshvar

Sydney, ACT
Travelling in the local area

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Details last updated: February 28, 2022