Shimona is an amazing vocal teacher for anyone seeking better understanding in their own wind instrument, namely the human voice. She conducts her lessons professionally and delivers results as evident in her students’ progress.

The thing that impresses me most about Shimona is how she creatively uses tricks to push me in the right direction and enable me to do my utmost. She never lets me get away with shortcuts or uncorrected mistakes and I am grateful for that because I know I will learn to develop good habits and build strong fundamentals.

I would recommend Shimona for anyone looking for a solid vocal training and for anyone willing to work hard, because the results will be amazing.

- Rachma Lim, Musician

Shimona is a patient and encouraging teacher who takes the time and effort to explain concepts and purposes of exercises thoroughly so that I am able to understand and will be able to practice them properly.

She has a very keen ear and is able to pick up problems and difficulties that I am facing and would tailor vocal exercises and explain how to address these issues.

After a month of lessons with Shimona, I was able to hear substantial improvements in my voice. This clearly shows that her method of teaching is effective. I would definitely recommend voice lessons with Shimona for anyone who is interested in improving their singing!

- Candice Loo, Private Student

Shimona taught me for 3 years in LASALLE College of The Arts. She was very organized with her lesson plans and every lesson was always productive.

Shimona has a lot of different approaches explaining different methods in detail which makes it very easy to understand and apply. Her classes are intensive but very enjoyable.

When I was going through a rough period, she helped me a lot with my time management and health. This gave me a push to do my best to perform well. I was very comfortable with her.

I heard a lot of improvement after taking lessons with her. Shimona has a sharp ear and could point out any mistakes, whilst patiently helping me improve.

I have been using her tips and tricks until now, even applying it in my own teaching and they are VERY helpful.

- Asyeeqah Borealis, Singer / Singing Teacher

The impact Shimona has left on my singing has been tremendous. She’s got a very keen ear, & is very knowledgeable with the things she taught me when I had the opportunity to be taken under her wings.

Technically, I saw myself improve with time. In fact, most of the improvements for me only started to show long after my time working with her ended. Whenever I sing, her tips & tricks will always be reminded to me at the back of my head. With application, time & experience, people began to point out how my singing has improved, something which I myself dare to agree.

Technicalities aside, Shimona is the only vocal instructor I’ve had who’s challenged my artistry & creativity. I never understood what being an artist meant until she set me on that path of discovery. Not that I’m fully sure of what I am as an artist now, but I’m definitely more certain of who I am as an artist today than I was before.

She will also be more than just a teacher to you. With time, you will quickly see her as your friend, one who truly cares about you beyond the musical realms. I say this with absolution that no vocal instructors I’ve had so far, none before & after Shimona, has been as splendid as her.

- LOKIES, Singer / Singing Teacher

Learning vocals from Shimona is something you will never regret in your life. She's not just a normal vocal coach but also a friend (mummy) and a counsellor whom you can always consult and share your thoughts with.

I had previously gotten singing lessons in multiple schools, but about a year into my studies at Lasalle College of the Arts,
I started taking lessons with Shimona and she managed to make me feel like I learned something new every single lesson.

Shimona always gives encouraging words to make sure I learn well. She is also very specific and detailed with the information given, explaining to us everything relating to our voice - making sure we understand not only our voice but also how it works, how to maintain it, and much more.

- Roxanne Heng, Singer / Actress / Singing Teacher

Shimona has a big heart for teaching and she delivers her lessons in a way where I could understand even what seems to be only abstract when it comes to voice placement, breathing and intonation.

She is not only informative, but her exercises gradually helped me to achieve a firmer support while singing.
Always a sweet and enriching experience with Shimona.

- Ariane Deborah, Singer-Songwriter

Always so much fun and hard work with Shimona! She is an amazing teacher who really pushes my boundaries and sees the potential and helps me to get there even when I don't think I can!

- Eliza Revell, Aspiring Artist

Shimona is an excellent vocal coach, and has helped me develop my voice more than any previous teacher I’ve had. She goes above and beyond, not only teaching vocals, but helping with performance, recording, and composition endeavours. She continually encourages and supports me in taking the next step in making my music reach more people, and to go out of my comfort zone to develop my musicality.

- Kath Rozycka