Suzuki Piano Specialist

  • BMus
  • AMus
  • MTeach
  • MEd
  • VIT
  • WWC
  • BMus AMus MTeach VIT WWC

Suzuki Music embraces the whole person and provides a unique approach to music learning that nurtures the learner using the concept 'character first, ability second' and develops their mastery of an instrument even from as young as three years old.

Jessica Na has been trained as a Suzuki Teacher, and is accredited with Suzuki Music Talent Association of Australia.

Her qualifications include Bachelor of Music and Master of Teaching and Master of Education at The University of Melbourne. Her main research focused on the implications of technology in music pedagogy.

Jessica has worked exclusively as a musician and educator; accompanying, performing and teaching for over ten years, both privately and at a number of Melbourne schools. She has built up a good rapport with each of her students and achieved consistently high learning outcomes.

Parkdale, VIC
Travelling in the local area


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