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West Coast Music School

General Details

Our goal in life is to help your little one find their inner confidence, grab ahold of their self-esteem and positively channel their emotions with the help our all-time favourite creative pathway.

We know that the world is made up of visual, aural & movement-based learners, so it we wouldn’t be so silly as to use the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that has been associated with music education since the dawn of time!

Your teacher will tailor their approach based on their child’s learning style, dreams and goals. We put a heavy emphasis on keeping classes fun and interactive. It’s our way of nurturing the positive association your child will develop with their music and their lessons.

Investing in learning an instrument is about more than just learning music. It’s about guiding your child’s personal growth journey and providing them with opportunity to reach their full potential.

These details were last updated on March 20, 2016