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West Coast Music School

General Details

You’ve heard it before … ‘tailored approach’. Truth is, most music schools will say they do this, but do they really? At WCMS, we understand that you are a completely unique, and a wonderfully individual being. You have a unique learning style, personalised goals and individual needs in your music journey.

Your teacher at WCMS has been trained in identifying individual learning styles – in fact, during your first lesson, they will work with you to figure out exactly how you learn. Knowing your learning style is a life-changer! Being able to articulate and identify how you learn can infiltrate into all aspects of your life, making everything so much easier.

In addition to your learning style, your teacher will guide your music journey with your unique set of needs and goals. So, whether you are wanting to explore Exams or want play for fun and personal development, you will be able to experience this in a way that is completely tailored to you

These details were last updated on June 19, 2018