Drum Lessons

Styles All
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitability Ages 5 years and up
Pricing westcoastmusic.com.au/fees



As your child steps into their music journey, they will be paired with a true Mentor; their ultimate cheerleader who will celebrate your child’s individuality at every single touchpoint.

Each week, your child will connect with their mentor in the most authentic and genuine way as they are nourished by their mentor’s complete undivided attention.


Your child will embark on a bespoke music journey that has been crafted by their mentor using the WCMS curriculum framework. Everything that makes your child unique will be considered and catered for in their music journey, including their personality, interests, learning style, neurodiversities, dreams & goals.

Private lessons allow for the ultimate flexibility in your child’s learning journey as it will be paced at a rate and progress level that serves them - which essentially means they will thrive and blossom as they will feel truly empowered at every step.


  • Music is so much more than a skill to be learned. It is a tool that can be equipped to empower your child in their everyday lives, too. Your child will:

  • Soar with confidence as they strengthen their self-esteem and build their resilience.

  • Learn to regulate their emotions

  • Explore and express their creativity

  • Find a sense of belonging through genuine connections

  • Embody their most vibrant, joyful selves

16 Morris Place
Innaloo, WA
Contact Kiara
1300 421 555
2 Halesworth Parade
Butler, WA
Contact Kiara
1300 421 555

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Details last updated on July 9, 2021