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Piano Lessons - Piara Waters, WA

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Forte School of Music - Canning Vale, WA
Styles - All
We have group classes starting from 4 years old as well as private lessons for all ages. We have 45 qualified specialists who will assist you reach your musical goals quickly. Lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced students.
Contact - David Statham
1300 367 830 or (08) 9256 3170
Nani Lee - Bull Creek, WA
Therese Forster - Willetton, WA
Xavier Hardy - Armadale, WA
Excelsis Music Academy - Parkwood, WA
Jane Kung - Willetton, WA
Beth Munns - Atwell, WA
Christopher Cheng - Canning Vale, WA
Music the Spirit of Life - Gosnells, WA
Terence H'ng - Leeming, WA
Hannah Koh - Willetton, WA
Sarah Sheets - Canning Vale, WA
Hollie Burbage - Willetton, WA
Priscilla Cornelius - Kelmscott, WA
Leon Tan - Canning Vale, WA
Peta Nancarrow - Riverton, WA
Amy McFarland - Aubin Grove, WA
Nicholette C - Harrisdale, WA
Michelle Siew - Willetton, WA
Lachlan D Whang - Piano Lessons; Music Theory - Parkwood, WA
Denise Chan - Leeming, WA
Julie brown - Success, WA
Justin James - Bull Creek, WA
Castlerock Music Academy - Cockburn Central, WA
Hulda Budilestari - North Lake, WA
Lydia Koh - Willetton, WA
Ivona Staniszewska - South Lake, WA
Leon Tan - Willeton, WA
Tanya Beretovac - Armadale, WA
Beverly Chan - Willetton, WA
Terence H'ng - Bullcreek, WA
Terence H'ng - Southern River, WA
Hui-Xian Chen - Willetton, WA
Kai Arts and Music - Willetton, WA
Melody Li – Piano lessons - Willetton, WA
Timothy Nelson - Willetton, WA
Robert W Laird - Seville Grove, WA
Justin James - Yangebup, WA
Ferry Lee - Bull Creek, WA
Joshua Chan - Thornlie, WA
David Chidgzey - Leeming, WA
Lisa Richardson - Lynwood, WA
Xavier Hardy - Kelmscott, WA
Terence H'ng - Willeton, WA
Christopher Cheng - Willetton, WA
Linda Warren - Southern River, WA
Marina Knoote - Canning Vale, WA
Keyed Up Music - Canning Vale, WA
Anita Yelash - Bull Creek, WA
Grace Je - Canning Vale, WA
Terence H'ng - Canning Vale, WA