Song & Sound

Group Size Groups of up to 18 participants
Styles All Styles - Uncovering the natural voice
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitability Ages 18 to 80 years
Pricing $220 full price (6-weekly x 2-hour workshop)

Song & Sound Workshops

If you want to SING, EXPLORE and have FUN, Song & Sound workshops are for you!

Before musical instruments, there was the human voice, and human beings knew of its magic and power. They would gather together in forests, on mountaintops, around fires and at ocean shores to unite their voices. To celebrate a birth, commemorate the death, mark the changing of the seasons, call on unseen forces and meet as a community.

Song & Sound workshops are intimate group singing sessions. That allows students to connect to their human instrument in an environment that nurtures exploration, fun, self-expression and creativity. These workshop sessions will focus on singing songs in unison, 3-4 part harmonies, improvisation games, looping, chanting, storytelling, singing circles, vocal rhythm and body percussion. Songs chosen represent the interests of groups that gather.

We can all sing, we have to allow ourselves to breathe, be present and welcome the moment.

Northcote, VIC
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Details last updated on February 3, 2020