Carol Biddiss

  • Dip T
  • (Infants)
  • B.Ed
  • M.Ed

Carol Biddiss is the Director of Musical Child and its course designer. Carol has taught music to children and adults for over 30 years in school, college, university and private studio settings. With a Masters degree in music education, a background in junior primary teaching, a career as a music advisory teacher followed by sixteen years experience designing tertiary courses and teaching music to student teachers, she is well qualified to offer these preschool music lesson plans.

Carol has seen the results of early childhood stimulation in the arts as her students have grown to adulthood. She believes passionately in the value of music education, intervening with the right activities at the right time. Carol follows the mainstream education philosophy that, for the young musical child, songs, games, dances and simple instruments are the best means for growth. Complex instruments can come later when fine motor control has developed. Carol has her own practice working with children, parents, teachers and childcare workers in several settings and conducts research into the effectiveness of early childhood music curricula and resources.

Carol works regularly in community classes, childcare centres and also works as a consultant and trainer in arts and education. She is also an experienced project manager in the performing and visual arts. Carol is a registered teacher in South Australia and her professional memberships include Early Childhood Australia; Australian Society for music Education; Australian Performing Rights Assocation; Copyright Agency Limited.

Details last updated: March 10, 2012