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Violin Lessons - Kew East, Victoria

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Elyane de Fontenay - Fitzroy, VIC
Rediana Fezollari - Thornbury, VIC
William Huxtable - South Melbourne, VIC
Styles - Classical
I have 18 years experience with the violin and I love to teach it and bring music into the lives of others. I have a strong belief that learning the violin is an incredible stimulus for creativity and happiness. It is also deeply...
0417 170 993
Marcela Taylor - Box Hill, VIC
Styles - Classical, Country, Bluegrass, Gypsy,Blues, Jazz, Irish,...
I teach both privately and as a violin ,keyboard, guitar teacher at several schools, teaching versatile styles of music,preparing for AMEB exams with great results,including theory,aural and sight-reading skills. Skype lessons also...
0407 185 617
Elyane de Fontenay - Coburg, VIC
Mia Yang @ classical Music - Preston, VIC
Styles - All the style of violin play
Mia had great training in the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music; she has achieved excellent result in music solo performance during study. Mia auditioned successfully in Melbourne youth orchestra and she was placed in first violin. She...
0449 930 219
Natasha Ivanovic - Malvern East, VIC
Styles - Traditional, Classical, Contemporary (Jazz, Metal, Pop etc.), Folk (Celtic,...
I have 20 years of playing experience on the violin, and have been actively teaching violin, viola and piano to students across all ages and levels of experience for the past 10 years. I hold my A.MusA Diploma on Violin, a Bachelor of...
0401 551 213
Emma Yole - St Kilda, VIC
Jeremy Blackman - Hawthorn, VIC
Danielle Lonie - South Yarra, VIC
Catherine Bishop - Prahran, VIC
Jennen Ngiau-Keng - Collingwood, VIC
Wei Tsai (Harry) Teach at Your Home - Brunswick, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Burwood, VIC
Serena Cheung - Blackburn, VIC
Sean Smith - Blackburn, VIC
Les Gyori - Melbourne, VIC
Tiffany Goh - Glen Iris, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Ashwood, VIC
Bianca Calabrese - Mont Albert Nth, VIC
Katie Yap - Parkville, VIC
Anita Wong - Templestowe, VIC
Glen Harvey - Rosanna, VIC
ABC Music Group - Richmond, VIC
Sophie Maxwell - Carlton, VIC
Maxim Sheko - Watsonia, VIC
Matthew Rigby - Brunswick, VIC
Alexander White - Abbotsford, VIC
Mat Creedon School of Music - North Balwyn, VIC
Eleanore Vuong - Melbourne, VIC
Sue Dowdell - Kew, VIC
Amy You - Prahran, VIC
Cath Turnbull - Prahran, VIC
Nikolai Froumine - St. Kilda, VIC
Ioana Tache - Northcote, VIC
Beatrix Francis - Melbourne, VIC
Michael Webb - Malvern East, VIC
Lan Shi - Toorak, VIC
Wei Tsai (Harry) Teach at Your Home - Melbourne Metropolitan Area, VIC
Emmanuel Cassimatis - first lesson free! - South Yarra, VIC
Isabel Hede - South Melbourne, VIC
Music in Mind - Fitzroy, VIC
Daniel Tedford - Coburg, VIC
Sophia McMahon - Kew, VIC
Sue Dowdell - Hawthorn East, VIC
Natasha Ivanovic - Ashburton, VIC
Emmanuel Cassimatis - first lesson free! - Parahan, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Surrey Hills, VIC
Matthew Rigby - Fitzroy, VIC
Carrie Webster - Fitzroy, VIC
Emma Yole - South Yarra, VIC
Emmanuel Cassimatis - first lesson free! - Toorak, VIC
Cora Fabbri - Melbourne, VIC
Rose Kavanagh - Brunswick, VIC
Edwina Jensen - Doncaster, VIC
Frances Yudko - Malvern East, VIC
Tamblyne Brittaine - Kew, VIC
Music in Mind - Balwyn, VIC
Liam King - St Kilda East, VIC
Ruby Paskas - Fitzroy North, VIC
Adam Piechocinski - Box Hill, VIC
Alexandra Keusch - Northcote, VIC
Elyane de Fontenay - Northcote, VIC
Charlotte Strong - Southbank, VIC
Alanna Scaramella - Balwyn, VIC
VIOLINOPEDIA, Julien Dupont - North Fitzroy, VIC
Glen Harvey - Ivanhoe, VIC
Rachael Hunt - Fitzroy North, VIC
Glen Harvey - Heidelberg, VIC
Cath Turnbull - St Kilda, VIC
Emmanuel Cassimatis - first lesson free! - Melbourne, VIC
Anita Wong - Box Hill, VIC
Sophie Dahm - Blackburn, VIC
Sophia Kinston - Fitzroy, VIC
Music in Mind - Kew, VIC
Anita Wong - Melbourne, VIC
Kimberly W. Y. Mak - Canterbury, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Camberwell, VIC
Music in Mind - Hawthorn, VIC
Paloma Bica - Thornbury, VIC
Tiffany Goh - Toorak, VIC
Adele Oppedisano - Melbourne, VIC
The Music Generation - We travel to you! Enquire now for FREE intro lesson - Melbourne, VIC
Margaret Butcher - Highly String Studio - Thornbury, VIC
Emily Frazer - Brunswick, VIC
Vanessa Neagle - St Kilda, VIC
Emma Hunt - South Melbourne, VIC
Mana Ohashi - South Melbourne, VIC
Julia Hackett - South Melbourne, VIC
Suying Aw - Blackburn, VIC
Anita Wong - Bawlyn, VIC
Matthew Rigby - South Melbourne, VIC
Cienna Irwin - Malvern, VIC
Phoebe Masel - South Melbourne, VIC
Glen Harvey - Heidelberg West, VIC
Steven Fok - Brunswick, VIC
Matthew Rigby - Fitzroy, VIC
Cora Fabbri - South Melbourne, VIC
Amla Periakarpan - Northcote, VIC
Matthew Rigby - South Melbourne, VIC
Natasha Ivanovic - Glen Iris, VIC
Matthew Rigby - Melbourne, VIC
Enya Widdicombe - Melbourne, VIC
Francine Maas - Melbourne, VIC
Daniel Tsang - Box Hill, VIC
Suying Aw - Blackburn, VIC
Zoe Freisberg - South Melbourne, VIC
JULIE LANG - Doncaster, VIC
Matthew Rigby - Brunswick, VIC
Elyane de Fontenay - Preston, VIC
Vivian Cantera - Reservoir, VIC
Cora Fabbri - Albert Park, VIC
Elyane de Fontenay - Brunswick East, VIC
Alexandra Daly - Blackburn North, VIC
Emmanuel Cassimatis - first lesson free! - Middle Park, VIC
Kimberley Cao - Melbourne, VIC
Vivian Cantera - Kew, VIC
Glen Harvey - Preston, VIC
Anita Wong - Blackburn, VIC
Clare Lynch - Camberwell, VIC
Maurice Windleburn - Melbourne, VIC
Bec Scully - Southbank, VIC
Daniel Tagiev - South Yarra, VIC
Isabel Tzorbatzaki - Parkville, NSW
Angus Barbary - Fairfield, VIC
Emma Yole - Melbourne, VIC
Daniel Tsang - Caulfield, VIC
Olga Vakoussevitch - St. Kilda, VIC
Jessie Regan - Prahran, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Box Hill South, VIC
Glen Harvey - Macleod, VIC
Matthew Smith - Blackburn, VIC
Carrie Webster - Carlton, VIC
Molly Collier-O'Boyle - Melbourne, VIC
Hilary Hayes - Albert Park, VIC
Mirren Strahan - Melbourne, VIC
Emma Yole - South Melbourne, VIC
Larissa Ng - Hawthorn, VIC
Clare Gorton - Preston, VIC
Emily Chong - Richmond, VIC
Music in Mind - Melbourne, VIC
Matthew Rigby - Melbourne, VIC
Andrew Lees - Parkville, VIC
Vincenzo Castronovo - Melbourne, VIC
The Music Generation - We travel to you! Enquire now for FREE intro lesson - Malvern, VIC
Sophie Dahm - Bellfield, VIC
Elyane de Fontenay - Brunswick, VIC
Wei Tsai (Harry) Teach at Your Home - Caulfield, VIC
Music in Mind - Toorak, VIC
Latitude Music Studios - Surrey Hills, VIC
Aurora Darby - Heidelberg Heights, VIC
David Reichman - St Kilda East, VIC
Brendan Hui - Templestowe Lower, VIC
Tiffany Goh - Malvern, VIC
Sonia Letourneau - Balaclava, VIC
Margarita Agadzhanian - Melbourne, VIC
Michael O'Donnell - Kew East, VIC
Sue Dowdell - Bawlyn North, VIC
Nicholas Waters - Fitzroy, VIC
Ciara McCoppin - Clifton Hill, VIC
Kyla Matsuura-Miller - St Kilda, VIC
Willow Stahlut - Melbourne, VIC
Dasha Auer - Ivanhoe, VIC
Richard Lipohar - South Yarra, VIC
Daniel Tsang - Burwood, VIC
Sue Dowdell - Camberwell, VIC
Klara (Violin/Piano/Singing) - Melbourne, VIC
Amla Periakarpan - Thornbury, VIC
Anita Wong - Doncaster, VIC
Tiffany Goh - Prahran, VIC
Amla Periakarpan - Coburg, VIC
Loreen Lai - Doncaster East, VIC
Yebin Yoo - South Melbourne, VIC
Nanda Hong - Box Hill South, VIC
Alex MacDonald - South Melbourne, VIC
Elaine Wen - Armadale, VIC
Whitehorse Music - Mont Albert, VIC
Wei Tsai (Harry) Teach at Your Home - Box Hill, VIC
Tiffany Goh - Armadale, VIC
Michelle Lin - Melbourne, VIC
Sue Dowdell - Canterbury, VIC
Jane Patterson - Thornbury, VIC
Theresa West - Abbotsford, VIC
Andrew Metaxas - Brunswick East, VIC
Star Music Academy - Carlton, VIC
Carrie Webster - Thornbury, VIC
High Street Music - Preston, VIC
Malini Chidzey - West Brunswick, VIC
Andrew Lees - West Melbourne, VIC
Wendys Music School - Rosanna, VIC
Dave Curro - Hawthorn East, VIC
Liz Donnellan - Burwood, VIC