Jazz Improvisation lessons

Styles jazz
Skill Level All levels
Pricing From $49

One on one lessons in jazz improvisation with your choice of our expert teachers. Choose from among our faculty of leading professional players including Saul Richardson, Jeremy Rose, Gavin Ahearn, Peter Farrar, and Yutaro Okuda.

Suitable for students at all levels and all instruments. It doesn't matter what you play, as the lessons deal with general concepts and techniques but need not be specific to any instrument.

These lessons are ideal if you:

Play in a jazz band at school and want to develop your skill as a soloist
Plan to audition for a tertiary jazz course
Have always found jazz a bit of a mystery, and want to learn how to play it "for real"
Would like to improve your overall musicianship, aural skills, technique, composition, theory and confidence

Jazz improvisation is a lot like public speaking, with all the same benefits of self-confidence and expression, thinking "on your feet" and problem solving. The benefits of learning improvisation can extend well beyond music: it can open up whole new ways of thinking and adapting. Why not see what it can do for you?

58 Atchison St
St Leonards, NSW
Contact Karen Richards
(02) 9966 5468

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Details last updated on September 22, 2016